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Honolua Bay 2010

Pakuz 2010

Honolua Bay 2010 da cave

21st. Hookipa Surf Bash

Boy's Final 3rd place behind Chaz Kinoshita and Ian Gentil. Was small but fun.

Lahaina Harbor

Rusty Pipes

Rusty Pipes

Lahaina harbor

I met Apolo Ohono at Maui Airrport

Olympic champion short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno (with lei) poses with members of the Maui Surf Groms (from right) Joao Marco Maffini, Justice Patao, Kaohu Pua'a, Zane Schweitzer, Miles Serafica, Tosh Peila, Kala Willard and Shelbey Schweitzer on Thursday afternoon at Kahului Airport.


Sunday a Hookipa, Photo by Pat Devalut

Red Bul Ian Walsh Menhune Mayhem 2010

Boys 12-13:
1 Imai Devault
2 Chaz Kinoshit
3 Miles Serifica
4 Max Hurd

Daily After School Activity


Saturday 2-6-10 @ Da Hau

Furlough Fridays are great.

2009 Hi-Tech surfbash

2009 Hi-Tech surfbash, Hookipa, The First Meet of the
Hawaii Surfing Association 2009-2010 Season Miles Serifica
Went surfing 2 day it was fun ilooks like getting
better 4 contest 2 moro. Kazuma Hookipa Crew

NSSA Sunset 2009

Friday before the NSSA Sunset contest. Having fun at Backdoor.
Sunst forcased to be 15'.

Summer's Gone

Me and Chaz chilling it.

1st day of 2009 - 2010

First day of school. Broken arm and all.

Kalama Intermediate School Makawao.

8th grade.

13 years Birthday Ukemehame

13 year old birthday camp-out @ 1000 peaks.

Alden Mel, Justice Patao, Kaimana Kinimaka, CHAZ Kinoshita, Miles Nalu, Imai Devalut, Kala Willard